Ashleigh Maegan (admiralkathryn) wrote in solitaryspeed,
Ashleigh Maegan

my fave speed convo

I love speeds sarcasm in this convo - I'm going through my dvds and this is the one that kills me every time

Speed: Sir, can you read the yellow tape right there? It says crime scene.
Ted: Hey I got a permit to be here...
Speed: Oh you got permit?
Ted: Yeah, it's right here from parks and rec.
Speed: Well, I'm gonna let you tell that to the family of the girl who got murdered here last night. I'm gonna let you tell them that we can't process this crime scene because you have a permit for a party. Then I'm gonna arrest your cheap, Tequila-pushing ass and have you spend the night in lock up with all the drunk and disorderlies and you can smell the vomit of the fraternity boys.

xposted to csimiami so sorry if you get it 2x...
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