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The best of Speed and Rory!

Rory Cochrane (and CSI:Miami character, Tim Speedle)

Solitary Speed
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Welcome to Solitary Speed, a community for criminalist, Tim Speedle, a clear favourite from CSI:Miami, the succesful spin-off to, CSI:Crime Scene Investigation. Since it's debut, Speedle's fan base only grew rapidly, then 2 season's later, an announcement left us all dumbfounded: Detective Tim Speedle was to be killed off in season 3 permier, Lost Son. It was his portrayer, the incredible Rory Cochrane's decision to leave the hit show, but the news of Speedle's death came to a shock to him, like it did with all of us, he even labelled Speedle's fatal shooting "Pretty lame". While we respect Rory's choice, the loss of our favourite guy, Tim Speedle, is still heart wrenching that he wont be seen on CSI:Miami anymore.
This community was made with the idea for Speed/Rory fans to get together... and well remember the 'best of' Speed (This community was started before the news of Rory's sudden departure). Not only that, but you can also talk about the man behind Speedle, Rory Cochrane, himself (of course if it wasnt for Rory, who knows what Speed might of ended up like??). We are sure this isnt the last time we hear or see from him, the star of Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, Love and a .45, Southlander and many more will be back (hopefully on the big screen), before we know it!

*You must be a fan of either Speedle or Rory (*tut tut*, how could you NOT like Rory too?!)
*No Hate, CSI:Miami, Speedle or Rory OR any of the community members
*Respect Rory's private life and keep it ... well ... private!
*Large pictures and graphics must go under the LJ CUT (with icon's you can post 1-3 as teasers, and the rest under the cut)
*ANY Spoilers for CSI:Miami or Rory's movies MUST go under the cut with WARNING
*Most important of all: Enjoy and have fun!!